Carpet Cleaning in St. George Utah

A carpet can significantly enhance or drag down the mood of your home or office. It’s important to maintain and even restore carpet on a periodic basis. One of the biggest contributors to home or office pollution is your own skin, as we humans shed 600,000 skin cells per day—yikes!

Here is a quick guide to revitalize or maintain any carpet:

Go with the professional cleaners:

Professional carpet cleaning services are a great way to keep the home or office looking well maintained. Their use of industrial grade equipment and solutions will keep your office spotless for clients and guests. Most offices are a hive of activity the last thing you want is to disrupt activity for long!

Expert cleaners will move all the furniture, desks and equipment for you

—saving you time. Professional services are few and far between for carpet cleaning in St. George Utah. However, when you do find a good service provider they are quick and effective and can keep the long process of carpet to a minimum.

Pick up the small stuff:

An often overlooked part of carpet maintenance is vacuuming a carpet, mostly due to its simplicity. However, simple is effective, and an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of the cure.

Along with picking up residue, food and dirt – a quick vacuum can pick up pet hairs, skin cells, pollen, and other odors not seen by the naked eye.

Have you ever picked up a rug and hit it with a broom – just to watch a mist of dirt burst forth? Yes, it’s quite a surprise how much is hiding below the surface. The recommended vacuum wattage (think power) for home use is 1200 watts to ensure you have adequate suction power to pick up everything you need. For larger offices, home vacuums may not do the job and power will need to be at or beyond 1500 watts.

Even with regular vacuuming, it is important to have professional carpet cleaning performed every 12-18 months.

Households vacuums cannot get the carpet completely clean, and there is no need to house potential allergens and various dirt deep in the carpet fibers!


Walk into any room and one thing you may notice is not only the look of the room, but the smell. Carpets can often house odors and much more under their bristled surface.

A simple fix for normal wear and tear is to take one part lemon carpet deodorizer and mix with three parts water for a simple yet effective deodorizing solution. First test this solution in a non-conspicuous area to ensure no color change or heavy abrasion occurs. Spray over the trafficked carpeted areas and scrub with a simple cleaning rag to improve the carpets look and the smell of the room. A pro-tip would be to use a soft bristled brush to remove any heavier soils.

This idea is a great temporary fix while you are waiting to bring in the professionals.

If you are starting to have an issue with odor, contact us for a carpet cleaning right away!


The tips above are great for maintenance and daily upkeep but you will frequently want to condition your carpet. This allows the fibers in the carpet to revive themselves, loosen up dirt and restore any damage from normal walking abrasion.

The biggest threat to carpet wear is not just dirt but oils which can create damaging environments for even the toughest carpet fibers. For home use, it is recommended you do a conditioning once every three months, and for offices it is recommended you do a cleaning once every month. For a heavier trafficked area, a more frequent timeline may be needed.

Please use environmentally safe products at all times as they are safer for you and your guests.

It can be difficult to find appropriate products that properly handle the conditioning of a carpet.

Hiring a professional is the best way to ensure the safety of your carpet, as well as the safety of those living in your home.

Cover the goods:

One of the quickest ways to keep and maintain a carpet that has just been cleaned is to use a carpet cover The carpet cover will prevent heavy traffic areas from becoming re-soiled during the period when they are most vulnerable to wear, tear and dirt. This is especially important after a deep conditioning and cleaning service. Think about it as wearing white pants to a picnic – you will be just asking for trouble!

With the mood, look and overall feeling of your business or home being impacted by your carpets, it’s easy to see why maintaining is important. Follow the easy guide above for your normal cleaning and remember ,for more of a professional and intensive cleaning and maintenance, contact us for professional service in St. George Utah!

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